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Can classical music be played in a way not at all classical?

Can a performance suit the occasion?

Can a string quartet consist of more than four?


Because Because Allegra String Quartet is a dynamic and creative team. With many years of experience in chamber music, besides the classical style we present new perspectives of the string quartet to our audience.

Because we adapt ourselves to the occasion and to the audience; our programme covers almost every era and every musical genre from Bach to ABBA.

Because our quartet gladly hosts singing and dance artists with whom we make our concerts become a lasting experience.

With Allegra, through the relaxing music you have the opportunity to crown every cultural event, social and corporate events, conferences, weddings and exhibition opening ceremonies. It is guaranteed that you’ll find the key to the heart of all ages!

Why would you pass up the chance?



Plachi Rita

Rita Plachi

I. Violin

I pursued my musical studies first at Bátonyterenye, then at St. Stephen's High School of Music in Budapest as a student of Mária Vermes, and later in Miskolc at Károly Gál. Since graduation, I play with the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra. I love children and I am the happiest when I see the sparkle in their little eyes at our concerts.

Zabolotniuc Carla

Carla Zabolotniuc

II. Violin

I was born in Germany of violinist parents. I started playing the violin at the age of 5. I studied in Miskolc and graduated in Budapest. Today I am member of the Miskolc National Theatre Orchestra as well as the Symphony Orchestra of Miskolc. I’ve had the opportunity to play in a number of groups many musical genres all around the world; but playing quartet music is the closest to my heart, because this is the genre where I find the most direct contact with the audience.

Monok Ildikó

Ildikó Monok


I was born and educated in Miskolc. My teachers were Gábor Kossuth, János Fejérvári and András Miklós Dienes. Since graduation, I am a member of the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra. I got closer to chamber music in the chamber classes at Károly Gál, and then I realised that I would like to play in a quartet, where we have the opportunity to bring this musical genre closer to the audience. For me this is Allegra.

Vass Eszter

Eszter Vass


I started to play the cello in Tiszaújváros, and continued in Miskolc, where I also graduated with excellent results in 1999 at Klára Iván. From that year I have been a member of the Orchestra at the National Theatre of Miskolc, and from 2004 I have played the cello in the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra. I love happy people, and the reason why I joined Allegra is to bring a smile to people's faces together with my fellows!


Recommendation of programmes for events, conferences, balls, parties, weddings, exhibitions, or to events where the words are simply not enough...

Please make your choice!
From Bach to ABBA

Real musical delights can be listened to by those who participate with our string quartet on this musical journey through time. One can witness how our quartet gets from the old classical string quartet music to the world of pop of the 20th century.

Evergreen operetta

Anyone who listens to this show can be part of the ageless, shimmering world that is evoked by the melodies of Ferenc Lehár, Imre Kálmán and other operetta composers. (Upon request, vocal soloists can also join the performance.)

Musical soirée

Today, this is one of the most popular musical genres. We present to you the evergreen melodies from the Phantom of the Opera, Evita, My Fair Lady and other musicals successful worldwide.

Cinema, Cinema, Cinema ...

The Godfather, Star Wars, James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean ... just some titles of the well-known movie successes, whose famous film music is played with huge success at every Allegra concert.

Those happy times of peace ...

Our audience can enjoy the atmosphere of the 20s-30s: coffee houses of Pest, smoky night clubs, through listening to the memorable songs of Jenő Horváth or, Szabolcs Fényes and other popular composers from the beginning of the 20th Century.

Tango forever

Our favourites!
The pillars of our concert are the most famous tangos, coloured by the chansons of Edit Piaf and other passionate melodies.


Everything that can be fitted in!! It is a speciality of Allegra to switch between musical genres. Whether it's pop, rock, jazz, we play it. ABBA, Máté Péter, Queen, Michael Jackson...? Come on, let it rip!

Opera dream

Those who are with us and with our singer soloists at this sublime concert hear a selection of the most beautiful pieces of opera literature.

Tasting music

At this concert we merge music and gastronomy. The delicious program is seasoned by short anecdotes and plays.

Renaissance fun

Entertainment where we wear contemporary costume, and play medieval music.

Spring buzz

An evocative atmosphere, fresh Spanish and Latin rhythms form the basis of this concert. Our resident guitarist just enhances the mood...

Blessed Easter

We present ‘high-culture’ works reflecting the tone of the holiday selected from the classic works of Bach, Handel, Haydn and Mozart.

Summer refreshment

One of our most successful programmes! Light jazz melodies, well-known songs from the most famous composers. Gershwin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington and others provide a stimulus to the mood.

Autumn greeting concert

We invite Vivaldi and other Baroque composers to our Autumn show consisting of pieces that inspire a reflective mood.

With our Advent and Christmas concerts

We create an intimate atmosphere of expectation in the young at heart; we contribute to the happy celebration with the sound of our music.

Vienna New Year's Eve

With the marches, polkas and waltzes of the Strauss family, at its new-year opening concert our string quartet creates a celebratory atmosphere similar to that of the Vienna New Year's concert.

Dances and balls

There are many dances in the quartet’s repertoire. On request, an entire concert can be constructed from them, and on demand our friends the dancers complete it with beautiful dance choreography.
Or would you prefer to be the ones dancing? We are happy to play for you!

Long live the Hungarian

We recommend this programme for our national holidays where we play the compositions of Ferenc Erkel, Zoltán Kodály and Béla Bartók, and other works of Hungarian composers.

Initiating musical show for children

Tímea Csuka’s children's programmes "From Beat City" added to our string quartet are really fine adventures.
Exciting, experimental, playing together ...
Recommended for nursery and school children.

Do you have your own idea?

Put together you own programme based on your individual ideas!

We realize it!

Wine Lover Shows

To lubricate the throat

We highlight the special relationship between the operetta, champagne and wine in this programme, where, thanks to the choice of very well-known and popular songs, our kind audience will feel compelled to sing along with us. The vocalist will be the artiste Erika Eperjesi .

Singing in Buda

Together with Erika Eperjesi we evoke a nostalgic mood for our cheerful, wine tasting audience with a playlist of songs that call to mind the Croatian garden, the pubs in Buda and the happy times of peace.

Tasting Music

We also recommend our programmes for wine dinners, where we add together music and gastronomy. The delicious menu is seasoned by an actor friend of ours with anecdotes about Rossini and Krúdy.

Hegyalja selection

A musical soirée that can be connected with wine tasting, where we can talk about the relationship between grape and wine, and as a good host we offer a variety of songs that fit the different kinds of wines.

Renaissance party

To the honour of Bacchus we play medieval melodies wearing contemporary costume.

The good national kind

Hungarian people- and Hungarian wine-inspired songs, marches, polkas are presented at this concert. Compositions by Ferenc Erkel and the Strauss family, inspired by Hungarian tradition, constitute the spine of this soirée. Our singer soloists can also join us on demand.

Barrel-twirling- New Year's Greeting

Blessed ... new-year ... champagne…, wine ... toasts ... ... merry-making…, hilarity..... !!!!!
Cheerful, entertaining New Year's Eve concert (or dinner) ... anyway in an Allegra way.

Chic Wine Bar

Temperamental, Latin mix.
Good wine, fiery music, a festive atmosphere with dancers!
What else could you want?



Sounding samples

A.G.Villoldo-El Choclo

  • A.G.Villoldo-El Choclo
  • B.Booth Charlie Chaplin on the Beach
  • G.Gershwin -I got Rhythm
  • G.Gershwin-Someone to Watch Over Me
  • H.Birstin-Yora Da Best
  • Horváth J. Gyere ülj kedves mellém
  • J.P.Traun-Mary in L.A.

To weddings

"... the young couples who are already over the big day ..."

Zsófi és Zoli

For us it was a great experience that you were present! The fairy tale has come true thanks to you. Thank you for having made our wedding unforgettable!
Zsófi and Zoli

Andi és Tamás

You brought a fantastic atmosphere to our wedding; your string quartet made the great day elegant and refined. Your helpfulness and your many years of experience meant a lot to us. We were pleased that you wore dresses not only to fit the occasion but that harmonised also with each other. Thank you again for everything!
Andi and Tamás

Kitti és Laci

The pieces you played during the whole event (ceremony and wedding) exactly matched the mood. It was both very ceremonial, fitting the event and at the same time it was a much more pleasant accompaniment to the dances than the traditional wedding music. As for us we still believe that it was a good choice to call you girls!
Kitti and Laci

Csenge és Tamás

When the melody sounds in your heart ...

Rushing, wedding planning, clothes, flowers, music, all checked. Because you have only one and a half months to put together the whole thing. It will be the first wedding at the Castle of Diósgyőr, so it must be done well. Because this is the most important day of your life, it must be stylish and professional. The band leader calls you to ask what music tracks you would like to hear on the Big Day. You ask - 'What is usually played at such events? The Wedding March or what?' The answer is. ’Whatever you would like.’ ‘Whatever I would like? The title pops into my mind, a significant song in our lives: Brian Adams, I do it for you. After all, we are archers... but it is not written for violins ... but I ask anyway.’ The answer: ’All right, it can go in. What else? ' And you list all the dear song titles that are important to you. The answer is clear: 'All right, thank you!' So, how is it going to turn out, you wonder? Never mind, at least the band is arranged; anyway time is pressing. We haven’t chosen the flowers, the clothes, the other details ... And the Big Day is here. Gosh the band! We have only discussed just the once – it is as it is. You embrace the groom, you’re standing at the door, oops! don’t step on the dress because everyone is going to look at you as you tumble down the floor of the Knights' Hall and ... let’s go ...! And suddenly everything is beautiful and perfect. And you have calmed down and are stepping above the clouds. What happened? You can hear the melody in your imagination that connects the two of you, touching your hearts. You’re not hearing it with your ears first, as it is not an intrusive sound. It’s just fine. You realize that this is Allegra, look at them, they are smiling. Nicely dressed, playing majestically and they are just right. And you feel that everything is just like as it should be, and you experience this great moment. You are grateful. “Thank you very much to the Allegra String Quartet for they were the ones who helped me to really live the moment!”
Nikolett Lugosi

Csenge és Tamás

Thank You!

We would like to thank the Allegra String Quartet because they conjured cosiness and romance at the church for our wedding. By their heart-warming music they made the ceremony special and unforgettable for all of us! It remains an experience that will last forever! Thank You!
Csenge and Tamás

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